Scholarships & Busaries

Scholarships & Busaries


Sponsor: Teachers of Wolf Creek Local #3

Amount: $400.00

Conditions: Must be a graduate of LOS, based on top mark. Going on in the education field preferred.  

How to Apply: You apply for this award/scholarship by reaching out to Mr. Shimp.  You  must also attach a letter to the Awards Committee explaining why you are a deserving recipient. You must include your Social Insurance Number with your letter. Your letter will be shredded after the awards committee meets. You must deliver your Self nomination form and letter to the Principal prior June 15th to be considered.


This scholarship, given in memory of Fred Millar, who was a Fire Chief with Lacombe County, is available to students who are Lacombe County residents.  Eligible students must be involved in, and pursuing post-secondary education as a firefighter, or be volunteering or training with a volunteer fire department, or be the Child or Dependent of a Lacombe County Firefighter who is a Lacombe resident.  Application available here.  Deadline June 1, 2022.  


Must have minimum average of 80% in any of the Sciences (Biology 30, Chemistry 30 or Science 30).  Must provide written recommendation letter from instructor of the course. Must complete a minimum 750 word (maximum 1500 words) essay on the following subject: What inspires you about having a career in the Health Care industry?  Completed application form (provided on last page). Please submit the information described above by June 30th to: ATTN: Director The Health Care Aide Academy 4929 49 Street Red Deer AB T4N 1V1.  Applications available here.  Deadline June 30, 2022.  

LACOMBE KINSMEN KIN CANADA BURSARY - $500, student recipient qualifies for $1,000 provincial award
Established as a legacy to the founder of Kin Canada, Harold Rogers.   Student applicants will be evaluated on their community and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada and financial need.  Must plan to register in post-secondary in the fall following graduation.  Applications available at  Deadline February 1, 2022.


One award of $1000 will be made to a student graduating from a high school in Lacombe.  The successful candidate will demonstrate leadership and motivational skills in school and community activities, academic achievement adequate to gain admittance to the accredited post- secondary institution of their choice, and a need for financial assistance. Applications will be available January of each year & must be completed & returned by March 31st, 2022. Applications are available  HERE.

Six scholarships are awarded on the basis of contribution to school affairs, personal attributes and community involvement. Students who are eligible for the Rutherford Scholarship in grade 12 are not eligible to apply. To receive the scholarship, the student must enroll at a post-secondary educational institution within 12 months of receiving the scholarship (payable upon receipt of enrollment). Application available here. Deadline June 15. Please submit application to Mr. Shimp.


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