CTS Information

Foods Cluster

If you are interested in taking any of these foods courses please reach out to Mrs. Parent and she can get you started.

FOD1010- Food Basics - Prerequisite for most foods courses.

FOD1020- Contemporary Baking

FOD1030- Snacks & Appetizers

FOD1040- Meal Planning

FOD1050- Fast & Convenient Food

FOD2060- Milk & Eggs

FOD2070- Soups & Sauces

FOD2100- Basic Meat Cookery

FOD2130- Vegetarian Cuisine

FOD3030- Creative Baking

Fashions Cluster

If you are interested in taking any of the Fashions courses please reach out to Mrs. Rowland and she can help you with getting started.

FAS1000- Fashion Illustrations 1

FAS1030- Sewing Fundamentals

FAS1050- Redesign, Recycle, Restore

FAS1060- Creating Accessories 1

FAS1080- Knitwear

FAS2110- Creating Home Decor

FAS2120- Surface Embellishment

FAS2080- Activewear

Mechanics Cluster

If you are interested in any Mechanics courses please reach out to Mr. Shimp and he will get you started. 

MEC1010- Small Engines 1

MEC1040- Small Engines 2

MEC3010- Buying & Selling Autos

Health Services Foundations

HSS1010- Health Services Foundations 

HSS1080- Leadership Fundamentals 1

HSS2080- Leadership Fundamentals 2

One Credit Courses

FIN2060- Personal Taxation

REC1040- Foundations for Training

CCS1080/2080- Volunteering

LDC- Yoga

COM1255- E-Learning and Learning Management Systems

Psychology Cluster

General Psychology 20

Personal Psychology 20

Abnormal Psychology 30

Tourism Cluster

TOU1010- Tourism Sector

TOU1020- Adventure & Ecotourism

TOU1030- Guest Services

TOU1040- Food & Beverage Industry


Wildlife Cluster

WLD1010- Introduction to Wildlife

WLD1020- Wildlife Diversity

WLD1090- Boating Safety (Get your boat license)


Agriculture Cluster

AGR1040- Animal Husbandry (Equestrian or Dog/Cat Focused)

AGR2030- Animal Welfare (Equestrian or Dog/Cat Focused)

AGR3000- Agriculture Safety

AGR1050/1055/2095- Indoor Gardening 3 credit course. 

Communications Cluster

COM1005- Visual Composition

COM1015- Media

COM1025- Typography

COM1205- Photography (Intro)