Off Campus

Off Campus Programs

Off Campus Programs we offer:

~ Work Experience

~ RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)

~ GREEN Certificate

~ Dual Credit

~ Volunteering

WORK EXPERIENCE: You can earn up to 30 credits (10,20,30 level). Students can earn credits through their job placements including volunteering. This is a great opportunity to explore different career paths. You can use up to 15 credits towards your required credits for your high school diploma. Prior to earning credit for work experience you need to complete a 1 credit course, HCS3000. Mr. Grabo also needs to give you a contract that needs to be signed and returned.

RAP Program:  Earn up to 40 (10,20,30 level) credits. Students begin working as an Apprentice (paid position) in a trade. Students will then receive their Apprenticeship Record Book (Blue Book). They can start receiving on the job training and work experience hours required to become a journeyman.

Green Certificate: Earn 16 (30 level) credits. Students earn a Production Technician Certificate through apprenticeship-style training on a farm/ranch offering one of 9 career-specific specializations (Dairy, Equine, Cow/Calf, Feedlot, Field Crops, Swine, Sheep, Beekeeping, Irrigated Crops). Students are required to submit a $200 deposit to enroll in this program (refunded upon successful completion). Students are able to register in September and we typically have students register in Grade 10. Students are asked to complete a minimum of one test per year.

Dual Credit: Dual credit educational experiences provide high school students with the opportunity to enrol in post-secondary courses and earn credits toward their high school diplomas as well as earning post-secondary credits for the same courses. Dual credit experiences are planned to fit with students’ high school programs and interests, as well as their post-high school career and educational goals.  The benefits of Dual credit opportunities are designed to facilitate student engagement, retention, and high school completion. By participating in dual credit experiences students are encouraged to plan for their transition to work and post-secondary education. Dual credit enrollment is recognized as a part of a high school’s credit enrollment count.  Students in Wolfcreek Public Schools have many dual credit courses they can take through: Olds College, Athabasca University, SAIT, and Red Deer Polytechnic.

Volunteering: Experience the opportunities and benefits of  volunteering which can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Other benefits include: doing good for others and the community, having a natural sense of accomplishment, and giving you a sense of pride and identity.  As an added bonus, students at Lacombe Outreach can receive 2 credits in Volunteerism CCS1080/2080. 

Contact Desmond Grabo for more information.

- 403.782.7438