Full school shift to online learning

Effective Friday May 7, 2021 ALL KINDERGARTEN to GRADE 12 SCHOOLS will transition to online learning. This is a temporary change and students will return to in-school learning on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 (following the Victoria Day Long Weekend).

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Staff Directory


Reid, Robert - Principal, robert.reid@wolfcreek.ab.ca
Shimp, Scott - Assistant Principal, scott.shimp@wolfcreek.ab.ca


Rowland, Margaret – margaret.rowland@wolfcreek.ab.ca
Parent, Christine – christine.parent@wolfcreek.ab.ca
Prokopowich, Rodney – rodney.prokopowich@wolfcreek.ab.ca
Grabo, Desmond- desmond.grabo@wolfcreek.ab.ca

Bolin, Heather- heather.bolin@wolfcreek.ab.ca
Nicholson, Geraldine- geraldine.nicholson@wolfcreek.ab.ca

 Educational Assistant

Kreil, Meagan- meagan.kreil@wolfcreek.ab.ca

Nickol, Rosalie- rosalie.nickol@wolfcreek.ab.ca

Administrative Assistant

Woodworth, Deanna- deanna.woodworth@wolfcreek.ab.ca


School Social Worker

 Froehlick, Margo- margo.froehlick@wolfcreek.ab.ca